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A secure data room is a cloud service made especially for storing and sharing confidential business data with access control. Virtual data rooms are the modern equivalent of physical rooms in which hard copies were reviewed during sales and buying negotiations. They also provide advanced security features such as encryption technology, encryption and other advanced features.

Secure virtual datarooms are designed following the same premise as personal storage and sharing platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive but with a greater level of security protection. Data and documents are protected while they are being moved to the cloud and shared in a virtual space and stored on the server. They’re also safer than other file-sharing and storage tools, which rely on plugins or passwords to restrict access to specific devices and locations.

In addition, to basic accessibility (on any device and from wherever you are), a data room will often include collaboration features, e.g. chat and team messaging, to improve the effectiveness of due diligence processes. They typically have audit trails that document the activity of users so that breaches can tracked and traced to their source.

The majority of data rooms are built to support the due diligence process in an acquisition or merger and allow both parties to access the information and conduct a thorough analysis. However, they are becoming popular for other kinds of M&A activities, including restructuring, fundraising and divestitures. They are also used to share and review documents within teams with the additional benefit of offering more secure encryption protection than email.

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