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Storage virtualization is a method of storage which allows applications to access data regardless of the physical storage locations, which in turn reduces the need for huge upfront financial commitments. It also eases the burden of the datacenter by allowing applications to run on one or very few servers.

Startups require a secure storage platform for and sharing information with investors looking to conduct due diligence. A VDR like iDeals can simplify the process by providing a variety of features that facilitate collaboration.

Venture capital and private equity companies require secure and efficient communication pipelines with their portfolio companies. A VDR is a secure and seamless way click this site to store and transfer sensitive information that is not within the firewall.

Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies deal with highly sensitive documents that need to be stored, reviewed, and shared in compliance with HIPAA. These companies are great candidates for a HIPAA-certified VDR such as iDeals.

In mergers and acquisitions when there is a need for documents to be shared. A virtual data room can provide an unsecure environment to review and collaborate on these documents, which accelerates the deal-making process and also reduces time. A VDR also comes with a variety of useful features to streamline and make the process easier, such as Q&A sections as well as annotation of documents. This allows everyone to work efficiently and effectively together on a deal, without relying on email or other platforms.

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