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Board management software assists companies streamline the process of managing board meetings, documents and members. It also allows them to collaborate and communicate more effectively. It’s also an alternative to email when sharing sensitive information. However, not all board management software is created equally, and it’s essential to think about your specific requirements when choosing a solution.

Many people think that portals for board members are exclusively designed for boards of directors. However they can also be adapted to meet the governance requirements of committees and working teams. Choose a partner that provides group training and assistance to help you extend the value of your boardroom technology to other groups in your organization.

To facilitate meetings, look for a portal for boards that includes meeting management tools such as calendars that include scheduling features and eSignature capabilities. This makes it easier to track, audit, and manage. A solid document storage system that automatically uploads meeting agendas and minutes to a central repository that provides ample space for additional documents that are used as reference for the company is an important feature. To enhance collaboration and understanding, search for tools that allow team members highlight, share and comment on documents, online or off.

A central place to store all documents and communications makes it easy to plan for a successful event. You can stay informed through instant access to meeting materials, communications from fellow directors, organizational policies and assignments from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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