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A board portal is a set of tools that can help your team focus their efforts on strategic and governance. It also puts all stakeholders on a shared platform that’s available at any time, from desktop to mobile devices.

Board management software makes it simple to distribute and access documents which eliminates the need for paper-based board packs as well as emailed attachments that could easily be lost or accessed by non-permitted users. It automatizes processes like creating agendas and collecting action items, so that the team can focus on more important things such as strategy and planning.

When choosing a vendor make sure you choose a user interface that is simple enough for non-technical staff members and boards to understand and use quickly. A board portal vendor that has a strong reputation for customer service and is well-known is also a plus. Look for a list of reviews that are positive and awards to find out what other companies think about investigate this site the company.

Look for a board portal that’s secure and compliant with industry-accepted standards and regulations like ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA. It should use physically secured data centers and multi-layered security as well as specific permissions to ensure your data is secure and accessible only to authorized users.

The best tools for managing boards online allow you to streamline tasks and increase communication between board members as well as executive officers, committees and executive officers. The software lets you focus on strategic discussions, decision-making and saving money by reducing paperwork and managing meetings electronically, and disseminating materials.

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