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The question of whether science is helpful or not can be difficult to answer. Scientists are encouraged to follow their curiosity. However, this could result in research that is focused on a variety of subjects, many of that may not be directly beneficial to society. Science is about developing theories and making predictions which can be tested. These discoveries the principles of physics are often used to develop new technologies, such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals and renewable energy sources.

To be effective, science should also be able to address issues and challenges that affect human well-being. This requires collaboration with key stakeholders to determine their needs, define clear goals and develop plans to address those requirements. Many scientific initiatives lack this kind of collaboration and instead, they focus on advancing knowledge that has no direct connection to society. In addition the impact of research is usually not evaluated and monitored effectively.

A variety of strategies have been devised to produce usable science, including translational ecology (TE), which emphasizes the necessity for scientists to be able to anticipate and respond to the research context. TE also emphasizes the importance of involving people in a meaningful way throughout the research process and encourages learning-based decision making processes like adaptive management, which is used extensively by natural resource and land managers.

Students often have a difficult time to pick a subject that is both fascinating as well being scholarly, especially when their professors set time limits. The list of basic science research topics can help students choose an area that will impress their teachers and contribute valuable information to scientific community.

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