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iDeals info room is mostly a versatile digital data room company that is ideal for conducting due diligence, capital raising, M&A operations, corporate bidding, IPOs, bankruptcy and reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling, board supervision, and more. The tool incorporates a wide range of features and is extremely easy to use.

Protection is a major concern when working with confidential info, and the beliefs data room features dynamic watermarks, close checking of all activities, and time timeouts to safeguard sensitive information from fraud. In addition , users can create different numbers of file access privileges to assist know audit records and enhance the integrity belonging to the data area.

The platform includes a simple drag & drop system just for uploading paperwork and is compatible with above 25 data file formats. In addition, it offers rights managing, which permits you to set up accord for viewing, printing, and downloading docs.

Documents happen to be automatically numbered and converted to PDF, that creates them searchable and better to navigate. They are also easily classified and categorized with the help of file labels.

Customization is a must for virtually any company, and iDeals data bedroom comes with a wide range of options to modify the look and feel. This allows you to apply your company logo and configure how watermarks happen to be displayed.

Additionally, it allows you to convert the content in to over 90 languages. This makes it easy to discuss documents which has a large number of people.

In terms of support, iDeals info room contains a team of dedicated assistants to respond quickly to your requests. They are presented round the clock in multiple languages. This helps to ensure that all participants of the data bedroom can gain access to assistance when needed.

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