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The flu pandemic has thrown increasing numbers of businesses into an unsteady state which has led to more board meetings being conducted online than ever before. Remote work is likely to be a permanent shift in the way that board members are expected to function. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your meetings are productive and enjoyable. This article will give simple guidelines you can follow to improve your virtual meetings.

Set clear goals for each item on the agenda. This will prevent you from the unnecessary repetition of discussions and ensure that all meeting participants feel valued for their input. It is important to determine if the topic you’re discussing is intended to gather information, initiate a discussion or to reach the conclusion that your team doesn’t continue to debate the same topic after it has been addressed.

Encourage board members to test their Wi-Fi connections and audio/video equipment prior to when the meeting starts to ensure that the meeting will start off on a good note. It’s also a good practice to remind your attendees to mute themselves when they aren’t speaking in order to reduce background noise and avoid distractions.

Make it easy for your board members to access meeting minutes after every meeting by publishing them on your portal and sending a link via email. This will keep everyone on track and boost accountability between meetings. Boardable is a specific board management program, can help you organize all the board documents and store them in one location.

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