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There is no doubt that coordinating a board meeting can be a lengthy, frustrating task. Meetings can be wasted time and productivity if they lack focus structure, or even energy. If you’re looking to hold a the best board meeting, there are a few easy steps you can do to ensure your directors are involved and actively participating.

Review Your Meetings at least once a year

One of the most effective methods to improve the quality of your meetings is by gathering feedback. After a few of your meetings and discussions, ask your board members to take two sticky notes, and mark “+” on the areas that were good and “-” on areas that could be improved. Then ask them to stick notes on a poster that they can hang at the entrance and let everyone determine what needs to be changed.

Manage Your Time

Keep your meetings short to allow for a meaningful discussion and decision-making. Do not be enticed by the idea of including lengthy reports and “have to” things on your agenda. Consider breaking down the detailed information from your book for board members into smaller discussion topics. Or, have your directors conduct their own research before the meeting and bring prepared questions to discuss.

Board meetings are a great opportunity to motivate your team and make them feel excited. Incorporating “mission moments” to the meeting -where board members can hear about the experiences of others or how your organization is making an impact on people’s lives — can be an immense energy boost for the group.

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