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Board meetings can take up a significant amount of time, and require that you spend the majority of your time reading reports or analyzing them. Depending on the way you conduct your board meetings, it is possible that there’s not enough time to make actual decisions.

Making the most of your board meetings requires structure and discipline. This means making an agenda, establishing a meeting space and distributing all the necessary materials prior to the meeting. This will allow your board members to prepare for the meeting, investigate opinions and ask questions. As the board discussion gets underway they will be prepared and confident in their ability to contribute to the final outcome.

The process of conducting a board meeting starts with a greeting message from the officer to the participants. Afterward, the chair addresses the old, new and other business in a consecutive order. The board’s previous business consists of items that have been discussed before and then either accepted or rejected. New business includes items that the board hasn’t previously considered and is presently weighing for approval. Other business concerns unscheduled matters like appointing an advisory committee or announcing appointment of a director.

After the discussion, the chairman submits each motion on the table for a vote. This includes changing the company’s Articles of Association, authorizing certain transactions and ratifying previous decisions made by the director. This includes deciding on strategies, and approuving actions plans. It is helpful to set KPIs that are in line with the company’s objectives and quantifiable in order to aid your board members in deciding on its strategy. These KPIs can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies that your board is considering.

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