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Website post about board meetings definition and explaining

Board meetings are the occasions where board members offer valuable feedback on the company’s progress. Board meetings are also an opportunity for members to develop camaraderie and build trust.

A successful board meeting begins by clearly stating what the purpose of the meeting is before the board meets. This includes sending a board package with all the necessary information for the discussion (no need to send more than what’s essential) and creating an agenda that outlines what’s most important to discuss.

Some boards use Robert’s Rules of Order as a guide for conducting their meetings. However, this book isn’t required for every board. In general, it’s the chair’s responsibility to ensure that all invitations and materials are delivered on time, that notes are taken and that all board members receive all the materials required prior to the meeting.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is not preparing and distribution of their board documents in advance. It is vital to share the goals of the board meeting to all participants prior to the start of the board meeting, so that directors are able to prepare and ask questions prior to the meeting. This helps you keep your meeting as brief as you can and free up time for discussion. If you have a board member who insists on a lengthy report being included on the agenda, then plan to make it last, at least one hour after any break.

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