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The best data security includes data security features and backup and recovery capabilities. Data protection solutions help businesses adhere to the law, minimize the chance of data loss during an incident, and reduce the risk of ransomware. Learn more about data security and why it’s important for companies. Also find out how to select the right solution.

Data discovery and classification is a key element of implementing effective data protection. This process involves scanning the entire environment for all kinds of data and determine how sensitive each item is. This helps ensure that sensitive information is not exposed. Data classification can be accomplished manually or using an application from a third party and can be used to guide the design of a data security strategy.

Human error is a typical cause of privacy breaches, and it’s usually due to insufficient cybersecurity awareness training. To avoid these issues you can introduce employee cybersecurity awareness programs to educate employees on the dangers of cyber attacks and what they should do in the event of a cyber attack.

Another way to reduce chances of a privacy breach is to restrict access to critical information to only those who need it. This means that only the lowest degree of privileges must be given to users who are new, and they should only be upgraded as they gain more experience or become more essential.

Finally, the best method to safeguard your data is by backing it regularly. Backups of data are essential in the event of a breach, or data loss, and you can utilize an all-in-one IT management system such as Kaseya to have a comprehensive backup and recovery capabilities.

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