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The telecommunication industry is what makes the global exchange of information possible in the 21st century. The most prominent businesses in this sector include cable, satellite companies, wireless operators, and internet service providers. It is with the help of these companies that data can be received and sent anywhere in video, audio, voice, or word format. Most of the other relevant sectors like e-commerce, blockchain, virtual call centers, and more rely on the development of telecom software for providing connectivity. We can develop all kinds of solutions for both on-site and cloud-based IT infrastructures. We can devise any back-end telecommunication architecture to ensure your network management, maintenance, and provisioning.

Unrivaled experience operating under the tightest regulations and security requirements. Your personal data collected in this form will be used only to contact you and talk about your project. The pandemic itself has forced various existing companies to now come into the limelight. Those companies which were not known previously have now become extremely common such as Zoom, Slack, and more. All the hottest insights, facts, and trends from the world of telecom technologies before they become the public domain in one place — JEVERA MAG. Extensive sales analytics platform aimed at facilitating the work of distributors and maximizing their performance.

Telecom Software Development Services We Offer

Intellias applies this vast technological spectrum to operation support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) to enable our customers’ agile development and rapid business growth. Collaborate intelligently with us, whether on a nearshoring or offshoring basis. With years of experience, a robust team of telecommunications software developers, and well-established processes, we’re well-equipped to meet your requirements. We can confidently say that Emerline fully met our expectations, starting with providing high-quality advice on technologies that would improve our solution and continuing with their fast, high-quality implementation. Emerline has strong communication processes in place that kept us apprised of the project’s stage and allowed us to discuss any issues on the go.

telecom software development

It can predict the coverage and capacity requirements for new network deployments and suggest optimal locations for new cell towers or network infrastructure based on data analysis. BroadWorks UC platform, implemented by Software Mind team, offers a wide range of business benefits. Using this modern solution deployed on a cloud computing infrastructure, Orange Slovensko provides customers with an improved and stable experience. Skilled telecommunication software developers providing all the necessary support throughout engineering change management, deployment, and maintenance. Telecom software outsourcing services offered by our teams cover every step of development and future support of the delivered applications.

AI-Powered Telecom Software Solutions

With dedicated telecom management software, you can monitor your network performance and bandwidth in real-time, and identify the possible glitches. ValueCoders’ commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions has made them our go-to partner for all our software needs. Development
With the design in place, the actual coding of the software begins. Skilled developers create custom functionalities, integrate necessary APIs, and build user interfaces according to the design specifications.

All the business applications critical for customer were successfully integrated with QRadar. Traditionally, open-source has been the go-to route for companies with mature development culture and a diverse range of IT specialists with deep knowledge of specific open-source tools and frameworks. Telecoms, however, have long been relying on proprietary and legacy software. Most are still early into their transformation journeys to cloud-first and cloud-native application development. Respectively, most have a convoluted portfolio of different infrastructure elements, which, in turn, pose integrational, maintenance, and support challenges.

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Glorium Technologies team’s experience includes the development of telecom solutions from scratch and utilizing and adopting open-source solutions to specific client needs. For instance, one of our clients has an AI-enabled multifunctional platform that is a meeting point for medical professionals. Here they gather, create group chats and video rooms for communication, and exchange professional information, which makes data security one of the critical requirements of this solution.

telecom software development

This software optimizes your network, security, and PCI-DSS compliance by capturing, documenting, and allocating all expenditures related to telephone usage. In telecommunications, software is used to organize and manage all aspects of electronic data exchange (text, voice, video, etc.). A custom solution is a program designed for a specific company with specific business processes. For typical items with well-established business procedures, off-the-shelf software is ideal. It is also appropriate for market testing and piloting when it is unclear whether the idea will fly. Organizations that want to grow and scale up should use something other than off-the-shelf solutions for their primary business direction.

Reasons to Choose Echo as Your Telecom Development Partner

Take advantage of 24/7 L2 and L3 on-call service level commitment support. devops team structure Of experience in creating long-lasting engineering partnerships worldwide.

  • Adopt open source or develop customized solutions to replace legacy products and excel in telecommunications OSS.
  • Thanks to the developed platform, we have increased the quality and reliability of the services we provide.
  • Compatibility tests are conducted to ensure smooth data exchange and operations within the telecom environment.
  • Our telecom security management solutions are full of robust features that impede SIP hacking, caller ID spoofing, DNS and DDoS attacks, and more.
  • Additional external integration, such as technical support, will be impossible or prohibitively expensive if you choose an off-the-shelf solution.
  • We’ll guide you through the initial consultation and project kickoff process.

Hybrid cloud ecosystems can now merge public as well as private cloud services, making them even more relevant in today’s industry. The telecommunication industry has improved consistently, and the various unified communications trends that are being observed in the present are to be seen in the future as well. No need for you to worry about potential project risks or issues — we’ll meet the challenges. You simply enjoy first-class services within a predicted scope, timeframe, and budget.

Custom Telecom IOT & VAS Software Integration

Edge Computing Solutions
Edge computing is gaining traction, enabling data processing and analysis closer to the source. Custom telecom software should incorporate edge computing capabilities to support real-time processing and reduce network congestion. To support a long-term customer in a new service launch, ScienceSoft delivered a scalable IoT data management solution that allowed processing 30,000+ events per second from 1 million devices. Telecom software development involves many technologies and features such as detailed and precise design architecture, research and development (R&D) divisions, network organizations, and many other functions. We respect the high technical caliber and dedication of the team assigned to our project.

telecom software development

Hence, to get an exact quote for your project, you need to fill out our form below. Our experts will validate your ideas and offer you the best quote matching your needs. Capture and record all the call activities within your telecom organization, and optimize your accounting operations with a dedicated call accounting software.

Architectural Services

With telecommunication software development services you can create IT systems helping you manage electronic data exchange through wireless media such as radio, telephone, smartphones, television, computers, cloud-based interfaces, and more. Because the industry changes just when you thought you knew all about it, owners and employees must adapt to new technologies and the constantly changing environment. At Chetu, we are committed to providing the latest technological advancements to your business.

AI-Driven Network Management

Adopt open source or develop customized solutions to replace legacy products and excel in telecommunications OSS. Boost the day-to-day operations of a telecom network, monitor network performance, diagnose issues and instantly troubleshoot problems to reduce downtime and improve results. Manage a legacy platform transformation – from monolith to microservices. Build a cutting-edge custom telecom solution for existing technologies to automate network lifecycle management, improve scalability, boost performance and deliver a more cost-effective solution.

In our case, we would like to focus on the latter — infusing open source into your software development projects such as Operational Support Systems or Business Support Systems. For example, Red Hat OpenShift is a commercialized open-source product, derived from an open-source Kubernetes project. The key selling point of OpenShift is that its container orchestration platform has better security and provides extra features, designed specifically for enterprises. Close cooperation with leading telecom companies and communication service providers. Thanks to the developed platform, we have increased the quality and reliability of the services we provide.

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