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The boardroom is the center of strategic decision-making where ideas are developed and decisions are made to steer companies towards success. The boardroom, which was traditionally reserved for board meetings is now a space that can be used for team and executive meetings and events. This is a sign of a shift in the industry towards open and inclusive workplaces that improve productivity and create a culture.

What is a Boardroom?

The boardroom is a vital meeting space that can accommodate between 20 and 48 people. The room can be used to host team meetings, seminars, workshops and workshops. Room rates are for the availability of 4 or 8 hours with basic audiovisual equipment that is included in your reservation.

A modern digital boardroom is a meeting, communication and document management system that assists in streamlining and improving board meetings. It is a combination of purpose-built software and powerful note-taking tools that allow for effective collaboration in real time. Digital boardrooms also come with engagement analytics, which give insights into the parts of material for boards that are the most read and analysed by members. This lets boards prepare for meetings using the most current and up-to-date information. It also ensures that everyone has equal access to information.

Digital boardrooms can also be a more reliable way to share information than traditional paper methods. Papers are lost and couriers may make mistakes, documents can be accidentally burned or lost, and papers can be lost or scattered. With a digital boardroom data is secure and secured from these risks.

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