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Many consider data rooms to be part of the due diligence process of a merger or purchase (M&A) in which both parties review documents that are critical to business. Data rooms are used for a variety of purposes beyond M&As. They also aid with equity transactions, fundraising and restructuring of companies.

There are a variety of software solutions for data rooms, and it’s important to select one that is suitable for your business. It should be simple to access from anywhere with secure logins and encryption technology. Tools to detect illegal downloads or access are crucial.

Another crucial feature is the ability to design an appropriate folder structure to meet your project/due diligence requirements and quickly assign uploading and reading tasks to team members within the organization as well as advisers and third parties. Access permissions that can be customized at both the document and folder level are also good. And, when it is the Q&A discussion stage in an upcoming agreement, look for an option that has an intuitive and effective editor that is wiki-like and makes it easy to record notes that can only be viewed by you (and not the other party).

The best online data rooms offer a variety of reports that give administrators a comprehensive view of the activity of users. This includes the type of documents were looked at, as well depending on whether they were downloaded or printed. Users should be able export data in encrypted format, if required. Look for a provider who offers 24 hour technical and account management help.

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