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Avast’s Chrome password extension is a free tool that allows you to protect your accounts from attacks by hackers. It is simple to download and compatible with all internet browsers. It helps you save time by automating logins, and creating strong passwords. It also checks websites for phishing and frauds to help keep your computer safe.

There’s a free and premium version are available, however the basic version can do the majority of the things needed by users. Its only downside is that some users experience problems syncing data between devices. It can also consume plenty of desktop space, which could cause a slow performance on certain computers.

In most cases, Avast Password is updated to fix bugs as well as improve the capabilities of the extension. The extension may not function properly if you’re using Chrome in private. You can fix this problem by altering the settings in your Chrome browser, or reinstalling the extension.

Click the three-dot icon in Chrome to do this. Select More tools, then click extensions. Select the Avast Passwords Extension and click the button. It could be necessary to restart your web browser in order for the changes you made to take into effect. If this does not solve the issue, you can try reinstalling or switching to a different web browser. This will usually fix the problem and restore full functionality to your Avast Passwords Extension.

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